Jason Wee at Other Futures Festival

30 Oct 2021

Jason Wee is part of the upcoming exhibition, “Spectres from Beyond”, presented as part of Other Futures Festival at Amsterdam, Netherlands.

A multidisciplinary festival and exhibition, it presents speculative visions of the future. It is also an online and offline platform for makers and thinkers of other futures.

Skyline Extension Plan is a sculptural installation that depicts a dystopian future city, where destruction occurs in the name of progress, bears a strong resemblance to Wee’s home island. The same developments are occurring in a strikingly aggressive way in other megacities, such as Seoul, Delhi, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

The exhibition “Spectres from Beyond” is located at de Brakke Grond Amsterdam and runs from Saturday 23 October to Thursday 11 November 2021.

Image: installation view of Jason Wee’s Skyline Extension Plan, 2021, wood, plaster, emulsion paint and riso prints, dimensions variable. Photo by Brigitte van der Sande, courtesy of the artist.