Jason Wee in Scoring the Words, SeMA

17 Sep 2022

Seoul Museum of Art presents Scoring the Words, a continuous series of exhibitions exploring contemporary art from diverse regions. This year’s edition looks into Asia beyond the boundaries of nation, race, and ethnicity weaving together with the idea of “poetry,”. Jason Wee is amongst the group of artists and cultural practitioners where the language generated by their practice undulates in a field of discourse and expression. Bringing together layers of creative practices that are either grounded in or hovering around Asia into the poetic form, the exhibition thus becomes at once a song for a collective and a language of resilience.

Incorporating his long-term research into the form and function of spaces, as well as his interest in the choreography of architecture and body, Jason Wee seeks to examine the notions and ideals of ‘the quorum’ in Quora Fora: A Rehearsal. Conceived as a performance-installation that interlocks body and form through assembly and disassembly, Quora Fora: A Rehearsal seeks to ask, in Wee’s own words, “how do we design the shape and scale of a demos?” Jason will also be part of the upcoming Kochi-Muziris Biennale.

Scoring the Words runs from now until 30 November 2022 at SeMA, South Korea.