Jason Wee’s #IYKYK at Jubilee Bridge

10 Aug 2023

Jason Wee’s new public sculpture “#IYKYK” has been installed on Jubilee Bridge at the Esplanade, Singapore. Wee alongside Yang Jie, Lua Boon Kai, Joyce Beetuan Koh, Immanuel Koh, Jeffrey Tan form ‘Benchmarks’ – a public art trail in the Civic District of Singapore.

Curated by Justin Loke, these poetic installations invite visitors to pause, reflect and immerse in the rich heritage of the area through the theme of punctuation marks. “Just as when someone is giving a speech or writing something, punctuation adds on elements and helps us create a tone of voice or manner of speaking,” as shared by Loke.

Wee’s art bench is a nugget of internet slang ‘IYKYK’ written out in morse code. It is a playful mix of two codes originating from two different centuries, both familiar and unfamiliar to the generations that are viewing the work. If you know, you know.

“IYKYK” will be on view until 2026.

Images: installation of Jason Wee, ‘#IYKYK’, 2023, fibreglass, emulsion paint, 47 x 260 x 43 cm