Juxtapoz reviews Binge Watch by Alvin Ong

26 Jan 2022

“In an effort to capture the frail ambience that is surrounding us and influencing our mental state, Ong managed to sharpen up a great sense for playing with light and transparency. Exaggeratedly bent and captured in declining postures, his protagonists are often blending into their surroundings or are reflecting it on their clothes or skin. Influenced by tropical light of his native Singapore as well as European history painting and Catholic imagery, he devised an effective blend through which everyday moments are transformed into often epochal scenes.” 

Sasha Bogojev of Juxtapoz Magazine reviews Binge Watch, Alvin Ong’s fourth solo presentation with the gallery.

Image: installation view of Alvin Ong, Binge Watch, 2022, Yavuz Gallery, Singapore