Karen Black and Tom Polo in ‘Undo the day’ at NAS Gallery

14 Jun 2024

National Art School (NAS) Gallery presents Undo the day that brings together 10 artists, including Karen Black and Tom Polo. Curated by Gina Mobayed, Undo the Day that explore the human response to move towards the light when in darkness. In this exhibition, the artists investigate loss, self-discovery, and the resurfacing of love, hope, or desire in new forms, pushing past self-imposed limitations. 

In Undo the day, artists work in and around abstraction and figuration; exploring the visceral ways we lose, search and discover ourselves in times of change, only to have love, hope or desire bloom again in new forms and perhaps outside of the bounds we once defined for ourselves.  

Artists include:  Karen Black, Nathan Hawkes, Irene Hanenbergh, Ruth Hutchinson, Nabilah Nordin, Mel O’Callaghan, Tom Polo, Ronan Pirozzi, Jodie Whalen and Coen Young

The exhibition is on view at NAS Gallery and runs until 3 August 2024.

Image: Karen Black in Undo the Day at NAS Gallery, 2024. Photo by Zan Wimberly. Courtesy of the artists and NAS Gallery