‘Rearranged: Art of the Flower’ featuring Christopher Bassi

26 Nov 2023

The Museum of Brisbane presents Rearranged: Art of the Flower, a group exhibition of more than 20 artists including Christopher Bassi exploring floral motifs as both muse and storyteller through the lenses.

A Passing Storm. Photo by Andie Dittman.

Bassi’s A Passing Storm captures the essence of the tropical climate in far North Queensland, revealing a fleeting moment of serenity amidst nature’s perpetual fluctuations. Through the deliberate use of frangipani flowers as symbols of fortitude and rejuvenation, Bassi elevates his work beyond aesthetic beauty, intertwining these blooms with familial narratives embedded in the geographical domain. A Passing Storm becomes an exploration of ancestral lineage and the cyclical essence of existence, inviting profound reflection on life’s interconnectedness within the rich tapestry of nature.

Rearranged: Art of the Flower encourages contemplation of enduring flower symbolism, offering diverse perspectives on place, memory, and history. Notably, it recognizes the integral role of flowers in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

The exhibition is on view at the Museum of Brisbane through 11 August 2024.

Images: artwork of A Passing Storm, 2023, oil on board, 50 x 60 cm