The City Beneath The City by Jason Wee

16 Jan 2022

Inspired by Jason Wee’s short story, The City Beneath The City is a visionary installation that imagines a copy of our island-city, growing and building under our current one. This fantastical installation features a collaboration between the artist and design firm WY-TO.

“Growing” beneath The Arts House, new buildings are added over existing older buildings this whimsical city. This creates a layered architectural form, bearing visible traces of earlier iteration. The installation draws attention to the structure, frame and ornaments detailing in local architectures that often escapes the eye. Risen up from the ground, viewers can now appreciate the finer details of our island’s best architectural designs.

The City Beneath The City will be presented from now until 3 April in Singapore at The Arts House.

Image: installation view of Jason Wee, The City Beneath The City, 2021, dimensions variable