The material and immaterial space of the Aquilizans’ Fruit Juice Factory

31 Oct 2019

“This take-what-we-can-get attitude combined with a respect to history carries over to the Aquilizan’s studio in the country, the Fruit Juice Factory. In its previous life in the ’70s, the compound off of Los Baños used to house, well, a factory that processed fruit juice and nata de coco. The artist couple honored that by preserving the factory structure, as well as christening the space with that name. It helps that Fruit Juice Factory is reminiscent of “the idea of squeezing creative juice,” they add. They’ve also adopted it as a moniker for the community of artists they’ve fostered and the spaces abroad they craft pieces in, turning the physical space of the studio into a social (and global) one.”

NOLISOLI interviews Isabel & Alfredo Aquilizan, speaking to the artist about their studio, the Fruit Juice Factory and their future plans for the space.

Image courtesy of NOLISOLI.