Unlocking Insight: Christopher Bassi in conversation with Art Guide Australia

31 Jan 2024

Christopher Bassi, in an insightful interview with Art Guide Australia’s Louise Martin-Chew, provides a glimpse into his Brisbane studio, and delves into the essence of his practice. The artist is currently featured in the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA)’s Primavera and Rearranged: Art of the Flower at the Museum of Brisbane.

“It’s a relationship I’m speaking about, a relationship with environment, place, my grandmother and family. Artists use painting for so many different things. But for me, this idea of storytelling, open-endedness, imagining, and being totally engulfed by something of this scale is epic,” expressed the artist in his interview.

Looking ahead, Bassi is set to present his works at the 18th Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Inner Sanctum from 1 March until 2 June 2024. Meanwhile, catch Primavera 2023: Young Australian Artists at the MCA until 4 February 2024, and Rearranged: Art of the Flower at the Museum of Brisbane until 11 August 2024.

Images courtesy of the artist and Art Guide Australia. Photographed by Joe Ruckli.